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Globalization and expanding human activities in the Arctic, including commercial air traffic operations, created the need to establish rules of conduct, derived from a recognized concept of universal justice.

Arctic Aviation Law, due to the nature of air travel, is considered to be a part of international legal system, but as a matter of the fact, the business aspects of airlines fall into domestic regulations of each Arctic state.

International Aviation legal system includes the law of the aircrafts, their passengers and transported cargo. It regulates the transit of passengers and cargo above Arctic states and other governed Arctic territories.

All Arctic states are the subject to International Aviation Law, consisted of international treaties, international conventions and agreements. Those can be seen as self-executed when a party to a treaty puts all of its obligations in action or non self executed, when they require the implementation, the change in the domestic legal system.

Aviation legal system is being enforced by various international institutions where the major role is played by International Civil Aviation Organization. As a branch of United Nations, the Organization sets system of rules with regards to air traffic operations. It has a right to mediate international concerns to an extent regarding an aviation regulation.


Certification of new aircrafts and the implementation of saftey and control rules according to European law, is the  responsibility of the European Aviation Safety Agency which in 2002 replaced the Joint Aviation Authorities.


The most important conventions and agreements have been created under the scrutiny of International Civil Aviation Organization. Regulations can be view and accessed in our database:



Source: International Civil Aviation Organization

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