Ports of entry

Lift off (Photo: GettyImages)Lift off (Photo: GettyImages)Ports of entry are defined as places where the one could legally enter the foreign country. There are 676 airports currently maintained around the Arctic and majority of them is situated in Alaska, United States.

There are 79 airports in Arctic Canada, 71 in Russia, 62 in Denmark (Greenland and Faroe Islands), 56 in Norwegian Arctic including Svalbard, 55 in Finland, 35 in Sweden and close to 20 in Iceland. Not all of them exist as ports of entries for international traffic as those are partly used domestically.


Interactive map aims to locate and provide with significant information with regards to Arctic airports. This research will show the mechanisms associated with Arctic air traffic in rather difficult, unique climate and familiarize with Arctic airports locations and information with regards to runway length and elevation to indicate approximate size of the airport and load classification.


Source: International Air Transport Association

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