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On September 28-30, 2015, the 2015 ARCTIC ENERGY SUMMIT was held in Fairbanks, Alaska. The theme for this year’s summit was “Security and Affordability for a Resilient North”, built on three main tracks:

  • Prudent Exploration and Production of Oil and Gas
  • Renewable Energy Development and Energy Efficiency
  • Power and Heat in Remote Communities

Arctic Portal, in collaboration with NORDEN, has brought the “Nordic Excellence: models, projects and policies on the edge of energy innovation in the Nordic region” to the AES 2015. The most innovative models, projects, solutions and/or policy approaches regarding “secure and affordable energy for resilient communities” in the Nordic region have been presented to the attendees during the conference. The selection has emphasized different typologies of “energy solutions”, ranging from “wind farms” to mobile applications, and has highlighted the applicability of these solutions in similar contexts. In addition, the research participants have given priority to the projects and best practices that address the business of clean and efficient energy solutions.

Now, you can learn more about these innovative solutions by clicking on a selected Nordic Country on the map.

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