Finland facts and practical information. Click to enlarge. Finland facts and practical information. Click to enlarge.

Finland is one of the five Nordic countries within the Arctic region. It is one of the main influences behind what today is the Arctic Council and has great potential in Arctic marine technologies. 


Finland has a small indigenous Saami population (approx. 9000) and a Sami Homeland area in the Finnish Lapland. Within their Homeland the Saami are entitled to exercise cultural and linguistic autonomy governed by the Finnish Saami Parliament.


The three Saami languages (Northern Saami, Skolt Saami and Inari Saami) spoken  in Finnish Lapland are related to finnish language all being Finno-Ugric languages.


The main city in northern Finland is Rovaniemi, situated almost exactly on the Arctic Circle. Rovaniemi is Europe's largest town by land area hosting 60 000 inhabitants in an area of 8,017.20 km2. Rovaniemi also hosts a progressive Arctic university and an Arctic reserach centre.


 Finland published a Finnish Arctic Strategy in 2010. The Strategy outlines six main fields of importance; security, environment, economical potential, onshore and offshore infrastructure, indigenous peoples and international governance through the Arctic Council, including EU's  admittance as an permanent observer member of the Arctic




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